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27 setembro 2009

the naked sniper american experience

Blue Man Group

While in Vegas, obviously we had to watch a show.

For those who don't know, Vegas is no longer the gambling dirty place of America one could expect. For the last 10-15 years a lot of money has been invested in mega-casinos. Vegas is still the Disney World for adults, but now offers entertainment for the all family. Most of the mega-casinos combine gambling with shopping centers, variety shows and a lot other stuff to keep you busy and fun.

back to the story. The possibilities were many and good: Terry Fator, David Spade, Bette Midler, Cher... But I have been curious about the Blue Man Group for a while and I was very disapointed when they went to Portugal because I couldn't catch them. So, the choice was made.

The show was amazing: funny, creative, interactive, diversified. Actually, what surprised me the most was their imaginative way of being funny without ever speaking. Their versatility reminds me a bit of portuguese artist Pedro Tochas, who can also be [extremely] funny in many different languages.

If you go to Vegas, that's the show I recomend: everyday, at 7pm and 10pm, at the Venetian

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At 4:27 da tarde, Blogger dr said...

What about NBA????

At 8:36 da manhã, Blogger Godinho said...

Blue man group is my advice;)

At 2:37 da tarde, Blogger naked sniper said...


a NBA está na off season

mas aproveitei para adquirir um jersey e uma fita dos celtics

At 2:37 da tarde, Blogger naked sniper said...


tb já os viste?


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